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“Dr. Reema’s meal plans have been a game- changer . For someone who is passionate about food she has helped me make healthy food choices as a lifestyle change, and yet maintain my relationship with food in a good way. I would highly recommend her for personalized meal plans and dedicated attention to each individual.”
- Dr. Madalasa
“My PCOD got reversed in just 2 months of diet plans with Dr. Reema. I was unable to conceive since a year because of PCOD, and I’m happy to know that I’m now pregnant. Apart from diet few lifestyle changes suggested by Reema made it possible in short span of time.”
- Mrs Pavithra
“An amazing food coach .. who helped me lose stubborn weight by providing proper meal plans.. just was amazed to see how her diet plan works”
- Dr. Archana
“My weightloss journey with Reema has been great and quite rigorous. I’ve had hypothyroidism since 15 years and it’s been extremely hard for me to loose every pound since then. The journey with Reema has been more on guiding me towards adopting the healthy habits. The meal plans provided are really easy to follow and very customized to my dietary needs and health. Reema has been extremely kind to provide me with the recipes as well! I’ve lost around 8 pounds in general during the period of 8 weeks and I extended my journey to another 8 weeks. I’m very motivated into the practice and Reema motivates me all along that now I’ve a buddy to talk to and counsel me in this process. I’ve become a huge advocate for eating in moderation too. This is also a mental game, and once I got used to it, its becoming easier. Without this I’d never have made the changes I needed to regain my health.”
- Mrs Himali
“With PCOS & Hypothyroidism, i had a hard time losing weight earlier. But after the 4 week diet with Dr. Reema, I feel active, no bloating anymore and lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks which is amazing. Thank you for all the support !”
- Mrs Anjana
“4 weeks with FitnFab and I’m 4kgs lighter. I’ve started diet plans before but gotten bored. But with Dr. Reema’s guidance, it was easy to keep a positive mindset and not deter from the path. The diet plan doesn’t feel like a “diet” but more like “yeah this is what I should eat anyway”. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so to get through a week without having anything sweet and not even realizing it till Sunday evening was amazing. I’m also happy that my gas problem has improved so much and I can’t believe it. The FitnFab Workout Coaching is also awesome. My stamina has improved and I can now do the entire routine. I feel more active; have more energy. Weight wise I’m glad to be below 190lbs. I’ve been trying to go below that mark for maybe a year now with no avail.  Physically-I feel lighter. My posture has definitely improved. My clothes fit better. Mentally, I also feel good. My self esteem and self confidence has improved. I’m glad I chose to do this with you. It’s been a great experience! You’ve been great with giving me alternatives and answering all my questions. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff from you and your insta page about food and the correct way to eat it.”
- Mrs Fatema
“Before i joined FitnFab, I used to feel lethargic, heaviness, hairfall, dull skin, issues with periods, bloating. After joined FitnFab nutrition coaching, i felt lot of changes in my daily lifestyle- the main problem of feeling lethargic to work got solved. There is reduction in hairfall, no more laziness and 3-4kgs loss in my weight in 4 weeks itself. I guess no other nutrition is better than given by Dr Reema, as there is a lot of good things to eat, no weakness, no dieting at all. Dr. Reema is very kind and gives equal attention to all her clients.”
- Dr. Priyanka
“Honestly, I was very doubtful to begin a weight loss journey online. As I didn’t believe it would actually work for me, following through a plan consistently without meeting in-person. And then I found FitnFab account on instagram where I met Dr. Reema and she cleared all my doubts, I felt confident to begin my journey with her. Reema gave enough attention and followed up every week, she has a lot of patience and encourages often. During this process I lost 8 lbs, understood the correct portion sizes, improved my gut, reduced bloating, learnt bloating causing food for my body. Smoothies were the best part of my diet plan – easy to make, quick and filling. Half-way through the journey, I fell off the wagon (cheat meals, socialized, moved apartment, high stress level) and thought I could not come back on track, but Reema was a great motivator and helped me recover. Thank you Reema!! 🙂 So glad I found you! :)”
- Ms Nupur
“I know Reema from couple of months And she is extremely energetic in guiding u in right way she believes eating less is not the way but eating correct and eating right will only heal the body and soul with proper results..she motivates u when u r dull and feel like quitting…Her plans were really not like other diet was full of nutrition food with recipes attached and yummy aswell😋.i strongly believe in her and seen some results with her plans but there is still long way for me to go..And I am happy that I found her through my husband and I am glad that now she is a part of my life.I will suggest everyone who are struggling with weight loss or Pcod or thyroid or any other problems to consult her and she will surely help u…I wish all the best and success to her ..with Lots of love😍😍”
- Mrs Divya
“I’m glad I approached Dr. Reema..she changed my entire perception of “Going on a Diet”. I was always hesitant to follow a diet as I thought that being on a diet meant eating only boiled vegetables n stuff lacks taste and being a foodie it was hard for me to accept the fact that I won’t be able to eat my favorite food items!!! But I was proved completely wrong…on the contrary I could eat a variety of stuff which was healthy n tasty at the same time!! I saw slow but consistent changes in my weight and the non scale factors like glowing skin, improved hair texture, increased energy levels, improved bowel movements, increased metabolism! I’m really glad to be a part of her diet plan n I can easily say that I can continue her diet plan all my life because it is that sustainable!!”
- Dr. Aishwarya
Glad to say my journey with Dr. Reema has been great and I’m very happy with the results. I never imagined that just by eating right I can manage my weight & reverse my diabetes (without any medications). This helped me lose 9kgs and bring my blood sugar levels to normal. Even with lot of cheat meals and lack of exercise, I have lost inches. My old clothes fit me very well now and some are even loose. This is my favorite part of her diet that I lose fat from every part of the body. The client calls are very helpful and she gives lots of tips. Thank you Dr. Reema always being there and supportive.”
- Ms. Viraj
“Dr. Reema always considers my preferences and health needs when she plans my diet. After trying lot of different methods and workouts for past 3 years, I finally lost 6 kgs in 12 weeks with FitnFab. Also, I have seen significant improvement with my PCOS. Apart from obvious changes, I feel light, no bloating and in general positivity. I am very thankful to have came across your page. Thank you for all the support and reminders, I really appreciate those. I hope we achieve all my fitness goals together.”
- Ms Rujuta
“Unlike other nutrition experts, Dr. Reema’s plans are very detailed with recipes, quantity and much more healthier and yummy food. Earlier, I used to have lots of craving but now the plan keeps me full and my cravings have reduced. I feel very amazingly blessed to have followed u and taken the right nutrition expert advise for my weight loss journey. Thank u Dr. Reema for giving me a clear vision of how clean eating works for a lifetime. Now I’m stress free by eating so much food (without skipping my meals/starving myself) and wake up and feel light every morning thank u so very much”
- Mrs Uma
“After 4 months of nutrition coaching from FitnFab, I have never felt this light and active. Being a new mom; it’s not an easy task to follow a perfect diet plan. But with your guidance, it made my task easier. I was on my heavier side of weight and I could not carry my daughter and get down the steps due to breathlessness. After I started the FitnFab diet plan, I noticed changes within 10 days. Weighing scale started moving; bloating was gone; acne marks  disappeared; skin feels so fresh and healthy now; hair fall has reduced and most importantly body fat percentage has dropped by 5%. All the diet plans are easy to follow and keeps me full which eventually reduces junk cravings. Thanks a lot Reema for playing a major role in my postpartum weight loss journey. Looking forward to much more in this journey.”
- Mrs Aparna
I have been consulting Dr Reema from past 5 months, her diet plans are very effective. Doubts regarding food and diet plans are easily cleared as she is informative about the food. Diet plans are very comfortable also with local ingredients used. Her every week follow up calls are helpful to the clients. For one time once in a while the cheat meal would never go wrong with her diet plans. Her talks about food and information about the food would enlighten us.”
- Ms Smitha
“Superb wonderful person very humble and her diet is very convenient and effective ☺️❤️”
- Mrs Shehnaz
“I would like to thank Dr. Reema for her help in getting me a good nutrition. My digestion has also improved and I also noticed a great difference in my weight. I have learnt a lot about healthy foods and yes I can manage eating habits as I have been following her guidance. Thank you so much Reema for the amazing help, the empathy, especially thanks for your motivation whenever I felt low. Love to recommend FitnFab to Friends and Family!!”
- Ms Namrata
“You really motivated me whenever I felt down your diet really works. Whole year my weight didn’t go down, but following your diet brought my weight down and even inch loss. Your diet did wonders for me (my pimples are vanishing) and my PCOS symptoms are coming down! Thanks for motivating me and giving me confidence that I can lose weight even though I have PCOS!!”
-Mrs Priyal
“I really needed a push to stop eating unhealthy and fight the root cause of PCOD- you gave me just that. Thank you so much for making my fitness journey more meaningful by introducing me to healthier ways of putting on weight, My diet took a 180 degree turn with you but I never felt weak or missed my old food and that’s a really big deal. Thank you so much once again!”
- Ms Namrata
“I’m extremely happy with the results I achieved with FitnFab- Dr. Reema’s diet plan and nutrition. I was consistently weighing 84-85kgs since 3+yrs and I tried everything but it never reduced. After signing up with FitnFab, I started seeing changes in the second week itself and now after 3 months, I’ve reduced 8 kgs and im currently 76 kgs which is truly an achievement. This has happened only because of Dr. Reema’s consistent help in providing me the best nutrition that my body requires. I really loved her way of coaching in these 12 weeks and for keeping me motivated and determined to follow my diet religiously….Kudos to FitnFab!”
- Mr. Vijay
“The journey with Dr. Reema for the last 6 months has been tremendously overwhelming. I still remember the day when I had learnt about PCOD and I was absolutely directionless as to how I would overcome such an issue. Her guidance has not only helped me lose some weight but also overcome a major issue which I would not have thought of. By making simple changes in my diet I can successfully now say that I have overcome the hormonal imbalance which otherwise would have been impossible. She really works hard and keeps a routine check on your diet and progress and I truly feel I could not have come about this lifestyle change without such guidance.” Extremely grateful and thankful to FitnFab by Dr. Reema.
- Ms. Sheetal
“I am so grateful I found Dr Reema’s FitnFab. I have Hypothyroidism and im on my journey to get healthy and you are a great support. You not just make a diet plan and give but you closely follow up on everything which makes you unique. Yes I do feel down sometimes but you always give that push and the encouragement which helps to remove all the negativity and focus on the right path. And I am very hopeful to get where I want to be through you. You just don’t give any meal plan but understand my whole system so you can give me exact fuel for my body and yes I have seen amazing results in my body and feel very energetic now!”
- Mrs Poonam
“I was 84kgs when I started off with the coaching and I am 70kgs now with fat loss and muscle gain. My waist size reduced from 34 inches to 30 inches and this is all because of Dr. Reema’s diet plans and coaching.  I am proud to say that my dietician is Dr. Reema.”
- Mr. Vishwanth
“I am super excited to see that my weight has reduced by 5 kgs in just 6 weeks, without following any fancy diet. I have followed your clean eating meal plans, of course with very minimal cheat meals/treat meals, under your supervision. More importantly, I can see the body shaping up well with my clothes fitting really good and my current clothes getting more lose! 🙂 Energy levels are high now and people are commenting about my skin glowing as well. Coming down to a more important aspect and the reason I started my journey with you was my diabetic condition. For the last 6 weeks, I have got my sugar levels checked and it has been well within the range and consistent. Cannot thank you enough for this. I am sure I will reach my target weight or may go beyond that 🙂 Thank you once again!”
- Mrs. Sunaina
“My journey with FitnFab is hard to describe in words. The initial days were a little difficult and I thought maybe I can’t do this. But Dr. Reema kept motivating me the whole time. Kept telling me that this is just the beginning, you will get accustomed soon. And yes it did happen. It took determination to hold on to the plan but the results are worth it. It’s been 3 months now that I have adopted this “lifestyle change” and I never stop praising Dr. Reema’s nutrition plans in front of people. Not only will you lose weight, you will gain strength. The nutrition plan nourishes your body, it’s not the ‘typical diet’. It’s the food your body actually needs and not just empty calories. My skin is fairer and softer. My hair texture and growth has got excellent. This nutrition plan is something I would recommend everyone to adapt to. If you are looking to get fit or fitter, this is the ideal place to take guidance from.”
- Dr. Ekta
“A big shoutout to FitnFab and Reema for all her nutrition help in the past 2 months. I have managed to reduce 4kgs during this time. Reema’s meal plans are so easy to follow since she puts lot of effort in knowing her client’s lifestyle, needs, cravings and pre-existing conditions.. I have hypothyroidism and my meals were planned keeping that in mind. There is a lot of flexibility in her plans too which she changes based on the client’s feedback. Forever thankful for educating me on what to eat and avoid. She takes care of all the nutrition my body needs which is the best part. Thanks again for all the help :)”
- Ms.Dikshya
“At the age of 47 as I am nearing menopause I wanted to stay fit and ensure that I am eating well. Dr Reema was extremely patient in understanding my lifestyle and meticulously planned a custom made meal plan to suit my taste buds so I never felt I was starving or deprived of anything. I enjoyed her meal plans and never felt like I was on a diet. Also, this diet is not like the other diets where you are either starving or on a restricted soup salad kind of diet. After 12 weeks of Dr. Reema’s Nutrition Coaching. Feel energetic and active throughout the day. My stamina has increased considerably and I enjoy my workouts now. Lost weight and fat loss! I have been on the same weight for years. I have lost a good amount of inches especially from the belly. My clothes fit better and I feel so light all the time”
- Mrs. Genevieve
“A big Thank you to FitnFab and you for bringing in discipline in me and my eating habits.  This has been a good 3-month Journey with clean eating combined with good exercise routine. I had loved the diet plans drafted and the variety in the main course (supported with the recipes). These were good items on your plate and at the same time makes you stay in line on total calories. Client calls with you had been really useful in understanding the basic concepts and your out of the way help is really appreciable.. still remember calling you from the theatre to know whether a small  stack of popcorn is allowed in my diet plan! I have come down from 83.7 to 75.3kgs now… 8kgs dow , which was done effortlessly  enjoying the journey.I have now got the confidence that I would sustain this journey of clean eating and regular exercise routine and this program has unleashed this.”
- Mr. Sathyanarayan
FROM PCOS to Pregnancy , My periods used to be very irregular and I gained a lot of weight all of a sudden. In addition to that, when my gynecologist examined me, she said I have Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) and I have developed small cysts around my ovaries. I was very worried if this continues, I would have issues in conceiving in future Meanwhile I heard about Dr. Reema’s diet from friend and gave it a shot. I started with 1 week detox diet and followed by the 4 week Nutrition Guide. I have experienced lots of changes in that one month, we attained hormonal balance in the body and my acne reduced and my face became very clear.And now it was very surprising to me that I am “PREGNANT “with all healthy symptoms with this 1 month nutrition coaching. I checked with 5 different tests to make sure it was not my dream. It was biggest surprise in my life and it took me 2 days to accept and fact and celebrate. Thanks to Reema for teaching me a lot in short span of time. It was just life changing for me.”
- Mrs. Anisha
FROM PCOS, Hypothyroidism to Pregnancy With PCOS and Hypothyroidism I joined FitnFab coaching. I was initially thinking that I will feel hungry on following diet as I’m on medications but I was not hungry and my cravings reduced gradually. Dr. Reema was very prompt in having regular client check-ins and clarifying all my doubts. I believed that this is a beginning to build good habits and consistency and that happened. And then I got pregnant after two months of joining FitnFab coaching. Guess the very few things that she added to my diet to help balance the hormones actually worked. She was always there to motivate and support me. I can’t thank her enough. Loads of love to you. Keep up the good work.”
- Mrs Nandini
“Dr. Reema gave me very easy to follow diet plans. During the three months of consultation I never felt like I was starved or was killing my appetite on purpose to minimize food intake. Infact sometimes I felt that there was a lot of food to be consumed and asked Reema to reduce it After 3 months of following this diet I feel really light, have lost a few pounds, and most importantly I’ve achieved fat loss. My digestion has also greatly improved. FitnFab is highly recommended.”
- Ms. Geeta
“Big thanks to Dr. Reema – FitnFab for her amazing diet plan. She helped me lose 6 kgs in a 4 week period. My eating habits have improved in a healthy way and Ive started taking my portions in a regulated manner as advised by her. Im really grateful to her for preparing my diet plan which suits my endocrinological abnormalities like Hypothyroidism. I feel less bloated and feel energetic. Big thanks to Dr. Reema for guiding, helping me and following up d whole time”
- Dr. Archana
“Over the past month, I’ve had an incredible journey with FitnFab and Reema. She’s been so helpful and encouraging. I’ve had days where I’ve come to her and let her know I’ve had bad days and excessive cheat meals, but Reema’s taught me that I can always do better the next meal.  Apart from achieving weight loss in this journey, I’ve learned much more about my mental health and well-being and most importantly, DISCIPLINE. And that is what I’ll take away from this. Thank you FitnFab for all you’ve done for me!”
- Ms. Natasha
“From the past 1 year, I used to go gym regularly but I didn’t see any change in my body. But when I started with Reema, I got so much motivation from her and I got confident that I can do miracles on my body. First thing I mainly learnt from her is consistency, now I lost most of my belly fat, my periods are on time and I have no acne or pimples anymore. This is all because of her diet plan and her motivation.”
- Ms. Snehitha
“The best investment I have ever done in my life is making you my dietician/nutritionist. Thanks for making me not HATE my DIET n stop my Cravings. Of all thanks for being a great emotional support and a lifestyle educator.”
- Ms. Sai Lalitha
“I’ve been following Dr.Reema’s nutrition program from over a month. I got rid of bloating, my digestion & metabolism is being improved, I shedded four kilos in one month and lost belly fat. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Reema for always being there and I appreciate the effort she puts to always come back and clarify our doubts/misconceptions.She provides simple diet plans which works wonders. It’s a month of following her program and I’ve gained enough confidence to maintain a fit lifestyle, started eating clean and working out on regular basis.Previously I tried to eat clean but someday or the other I used to binge and gave up. But after following FitnFab, with the simple and easy tips to control cravings and specially control our body has become easy. Reema always helped with her tips. Avoiding desserts and biryani was very hard for me previously but now I have learnt how to manage my cheat meals and get back on track with next meal.Once again, forever thankful to Dr. Reema”
- Mrs. Susmitha
“The way Dr. Reema explains food and what is causing me a craving really helped me to overcome my cravings. She really helped me a lot to maintain a better lifestyle and gave me excellent tips to follow forever. Her diet plan is always easy to follow. In fact, I saw a lot of inch loss since my clothes which were once tight, were now loose for me. One of the best part about her coaching is that she will always check on you from time to time and listen to your doubts very patiently and understands your Body type & suggests accordingly. Dr. Reema was really good in helping me in my Fitness Journey. A big thank you to FitnFab!!”
- Ms. Shivani
“It’s only been 6weeks of my fitness journey with FitnFab coaching and I already feel amazing. I lost 5kgs and have been seeing inch loss as I have been fitting into all my old dresses in my closet. With PCOD my periods are now regular with Dr. Reema’s diet (no pills, no medications). Bloating has been reduced and I feel so light. My skin has a glow. Her diet plans are very easy to follow and most importantly she is always available to clarify my each and every little doubt. Thank you DR.REEMA for bringing this amazing change in my life with your nutrition coaching”
- Ms Chandini

Thank you for this transformation. Along with your meal plans, I’m learning so much from u daily, especially during the small tips you give during the client calls. You have helped me to see things differently and to have different types of food. My eating habits earlier were so wrong, but you helped me cope with it so thanks a LOT. Your diet is so amazing as I’ve lost 5 kgs, my clothes are loose and it just keeps me so energetic all the time even after having Hypothyroidism. I am so blessed I came across u and took up a healthy lifestyle. This is just the beginning I have a long way ahead with you but thanks for all your support all the time.

Lots of love and good wishes.

- Mrs. Mansi

Having already made some healthy changes to my lifestyle and working out, I yet wasn’t seeing any changes in my weight or inch loss. That’s when I decided to start a diet plan with FitnFab! And well within a week I saw a change of 1 kg. It got back my confidence and I’m so glad I chose FitnFab. Thank you to Dr. Reema!

_ Miss Mitra

I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 3.5kgs in just four weeks. I have also lost over 2 inches from my waist. I was a pre-diabetic with 6.6 Hba1c, and now its reduced to 5.8 HBa1c in just 4 weeks and that is all because of your diet plan. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel with these changes. I have tried few other diets, but none have come even close to the success that I have seen over the past 4 weeks with your advise. I would love to thank you in person but I realise how many others must have expressed a similar request after they have succeeded in your diets. I have gotten truly expert advice from you as well as quick responses to all my questions and would love to tell people how wonderful you and your program are.

I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make, and I am truly satisfied with the whole program- In terms of cost and value of the Program.

Thank you for reversing my Diabetes, Dr. Reema!

- Mr. Nebu

My experience with FitnFab’s weight maintenance program has been equally amazing. I was taught to eat normal as well as cheat meals in moderation. Dr. Reema has always been the greatest mentor when it comes to nutrition. She will always tell you to never feel guilty about anything and keep trying to maintain the plans which is what I love. Thank you Reema for this transformation.

- Dr Ekta - Maintenance program

The word diet usually scares me, and I always thought being on a Diet means to lose weight, and once it’s achieved, we all can go back to our old eating habits. However, you taught me that it’s more of a “lifestyle” than just a “diet”. Your nutrition plan helped me to lose fat and achieve my fitness goals. You bought a lifestyle change in me. Thank you

- Mrs Kavya

When my husband and I started this fitness journey, within just 2 weeks both of us have seen such a noticeable difference. Our weight has dropped by 2kgs each and even the tummy fat has started reducing. My clothes are now all loose. Another great thing that both of us have seen is that we are now liking the diet food. That’s all because of you ma’am, the Diet doesn’t feel like a diet. In fact, now there are days when I feel like having a cheat meal and my husband says why you didn’t you prepare diet food and my husband saying that is a big thing as he is a very big foodie. We are loving this change in our lifestyle and wish to continue for lifetime. Thank you, ma’am,

- Mrs. Mishti

It was an amazing 12 journey which FitnFab. I have achieved a lot through this journey. Not only have I lost weight from 65 kgs to 56 kgs (which I thought would be impossible) but my self-confidence has also increased. I can now wear my favourite dress without any guilt. More than weight loss I can see inch loss, my skin is glowing, bloating is gone and what not! My reason to opt for this journey was PCOS which was the reason for my weight gain. But now the symptoms have reversed, and my menstrual cycle is very regular. That is a big achievement as compared to weight loss. The diet was very simple and great to follow and special thanks to Dr Reema who was always available to clarify my doubts. Moreover, I learnt about my body and health through this journey. I am grateful I chose FitnFab. Thank you so much

- Dr. Miss Reddy

I really enjoyed each and every meal plan designed by her. It was perfect to suit my daily hectic schedule and food taste. Within 2 weeks I could see a change in myself as I was not only shedding weight but also feeling much better, cleaner and more active. Would highly recommend Dr Reema for a better motivated and healthy eating lifestyle.

Thank you so much Dr Reema

- Mrs Adhunika

It’s been 3 months into the FitnFab Journey, and I have never felt lighter in the past 5 years. I have hypothyroidism and I lost 6kgs on the scale, lost almost 3 to 4 inches off my waist and look much leaner compared to before. We often concentrate too much on the numbers and forget that non-scale victories are just as important. Strength over the scale. Sustainability over drastic changes. This has been my major takeaway. I may be on a trip or a weekend away, but I know how to jump back into schedule without feeling demotivated. Thank you so much for inspiring a lifestyle change in me. Your coaching has the potential to inspire a generation that easily gets influenced by fads off the Internet. More power to you!

- Miss Shuchi

When I reached out to Reema I was sceptical about how consistent I can be because I had a horrible habit of eating sugars. This diet is amazing, and I never would have imagined myself eating such good vegetables. Thank you for continuing to help me and making it possible!

- Miss Amruta

One fine day, I came across Dr Reema Parikh on my Instagram and her stories just changed something in me. Her consultation call made me feel like I wanted to do better for myself. I couldn’t take much load of working out because of the injury but even then, I was shedding approximately 1 kg a week. My irregular periods became regular in just 6 weeks of dieting. I’m stronger, healthier, thinner but curvier, fairer even (idk how that happened) but my whole system feels new with FitnFab’s plans.  I have personally recommended Dr. Reema’s plans to a few of my patients too because this isn’t just a plan. It’s a very simple and guided way of lifestyle change which is simple yet extremely effective.

Thank you, Dr Reema. I’m extremely grateful for all your patience and efforts with me.

- Dr. Miss Heemanshi

I know Dr Reema as I worked with her previously, I recently got to know that i have mild PCOS, i was unsure how to proceed then i reached out to Dr Reema. I was also unsure if i could strictly follow with all my sugar cravings but i was consistent that reduced from 71 to 66 kgs. In the first 7 weeks i have lost 5 % body fat, the diet is amazing and i never would have imagined me eating such good vegetables. She is always ready to give suggestions on how to manage cravings and modify the plan per client’s feedback. I felt lighter all the time without bloating. She also tracks the progress with weekly check-ins and helps you understand your diet. I was on vacation for about a week didn’t restrict myself but tried to eat everything in portions, i may have gained a few pounds but got back on to track easily after the vacation. Thank you for guiding me with my weight loss journey. If you are looking to get fit, you can undoubtedly reach out to her.

- Mrs Sahithi

I have been following Reema’s diet plan for 3 months now. It is comprehensive detail oriented and easy to follow. Her weekly meetings and quick follow ups helped answering any questions I had,   I preferred vegetarian diet plan (eggs optional) and she was able to tailor my diet plan around it, she is an amazing nutritionist with immense clarity to details and friendly all the time. I would recommend her to anyone who is keen to move to a heathy diet. Also, her posts on social media regarding great food habits are very helpful

- Mr.Govind

My journey with Reema started 3 months back and I must say that I’m very happy with the plan and program she designed for me. I approached Reema for weight loss program since I have Hypothyroidism. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I can see the result already. Additionally, I feel stronger, healthier, my skin is better and my hairfall also has reduced because of the diet program she designed for me. Her weekly follow ups and advise on my progress are very helpful. Reema’s personal care towards her client is wonderful. Keep helping people Reema. Wish you great success.

- Mrs Divya
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