Dr. Reema Parikh

Founder of FitnFab Nutrition & Fitness Coaching, Practicing Dentist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Specializing in Weight Management (ACSM).

She completed her Bachelors in Dentistry from Terna Dental College, Mumbai (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) and makes full use of her medical knowledge in not just treating toothaches, but also helping people get fit.

She also provides online nutrition coaching via her venture, “FitnFab- Nutrition&Fitness Coaching” which aims at encouraging people to lead healthy lives by making smart food choices, and achieve healthy weight loss through simple lifestyle and dietary changes.

Apart from weight loss transformations, she has helped a lot of clients manage conditions like PCOS, Diabetes Mellitus, Fatty Liver, Thyroid dysfunction and Gut issues (to name a few) and achieve their fitness goal in a very healthy and sustainable manner.

The entire team of FitnFab has a very holistic approach towards achieving weight loss and they strongly believe that “Food is Medicine”.

Apart from helping clients through her coaching, she also tries to reach out to the masses and educate them about healthy food choices through her informative posts and videos on her official Instagram Page.(fitnfab_by_dr.reema)

Founder - Dr. Reema Parikh

From the Founder

She also provides 1:1 online nutrition counseling worldwide via her venture, “FitnFab Nutrition & Fitness Coaching” which aims at encouraging people to lead healthy lives

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