There is a lot of misinformation everywhere about protein supplements. Some say it does this, while the internet says it does that.

It’s high time we bust these biggest protein myths and put these old age rumours to rest
Protein acts as the building blocks for your body. It’s great for building muscle mass and aids muscle recovery and maintenance. Some people think that adding more and more protein to your diet will be helpful. But that isn’t true. Have a balanced diet with protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins to add up to your fitness level.

So let’s bust these 5 common myths today and get to the real facts.

MYTH- Protein Supplements will make you muscular.
FACT- No it won’t. To be extremely muscular (like the body builders) you need to be in a caloric surplus, and take much more than just protein supplements combined with rigorous amounts of exercise. Also, it takes years of proper professional and advanced training to bulk up like them body builders.

MYTH- Consuming Too Much Protein Can Lead To Kidney Damage
FACT- Consuming excess protein will not lead to kidney damage if your kidney is in healthy condition. But for people who already have existing kidney and liver problems, this can be a matter of concern. If you have kidney problems, make sure to consult your doctor and dietician about the amount of protein that is best suited for you.

MYTH- Women Will Get Bulky From Protein Supplements
FACT- Simply put, due to women having lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen, they won’t bulk up in the same way as men. A diet rich in lean protein will help women build muscle, but just not at the same rate as men! Trust us, it’s a lot harder for women to get bulky than you think!

MYTH- Protein Supplements will make you fat.
FACT- Protein supplements are taken so that they can be added/supplemented to the proteins in your diet. They will not make you fat as long as you are in an overall caloric deficit for the day. With a good workout schedule that includes resistance training, the proteins help in repairing and rebuilding your muscle fibers.

MYTH- I Don’t Exercise Enough To Need A Protein Shake
FACT- Protein will help your muscles to recover, whether you’re working out six days a week or if you’re a casual class goer – the results are the same. If you’re a casual exerciser, you probably don’t need to the thinking about Creatine or BCAAs, but protein could be useful for your recovery. Whilst we’re on the subject of protein shakes, then people often only associate them with the aforementioned post-workout refuel. So if you’re not working out, then you don’t need a shake do you? Your body needs protein; in the same way it needs carbs and fats, whether you’re working out or not. A shake is merely a convenient way to get some.

Intake of Protein supplements depends on your age, height, weight, fitness goals, medical history, intensity & type of workouts and a lot of other factors. Kindly refer to your nutritionist or doctor before consuming them.