A day of love, affection and compassion, Valentine’s is all about celebrating the purity of love. However, it shouldn’t be restricted to a partner but must be extended to ourselves too. We often take our health for granted and it’s time to extend this love to ourselves and health too.

This Valentine, make your body and health a priority every day. Give it the unconditional love it deserves, and we promise it will love you back too. Ensure to give yourself a diet plan for losing weight by consulting a certified nutritionist.

Following are some of the small gifts of affection that you can give your body this Valentine’s:

1. Explore the World of Dals
A potent source of nutrition in India, Dals have been a staple of every Indian household where you can find at least 5 varieties. India is a land that is blessed with an array of pulses and hence you should make the most of it.
Eat the dals that you haven’t tried before and primarily focus on unpolished ones that hold more nutrients as compared to the polished ones.

2. Add Happy-Foods to Your Diet
Did you know eating the right food can bring happiness to your life? Yes, you heard it right and you can find the happy food in your fridge! Items like spinach, broccoli, cashew, salmon and chickpeas are the best sources of happiness for your body.
Consumption of the above food items may help to regulate your mood, lower depressive symptoms and aid in overall wellness.

3. Eat A Balanced Diet
Unless you give your taste palette a balance of flavours, your body will not be satisfied. The best way is to give it nutrition with taste. Make sure to incorporate spices into your food such as turmeric, coriander powder, cinnamon, garam masala, etc that can enhance the flavours.
Ensure to add an adequate amount of spices and opt for trusted brands that follow good manufacturing practices and deliver quality items.

4. Build Your Immunity
Boosting your immunity is a continuous process that requires you to include immunity boosting food-items in your diet. Items that we all have knowledge of, thanks to the pandemic.
We must ensure to continue this tradition and make use of immunity-boosting items such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, spinach, broccoli, citrus foods, almonds, etc.

5. Keep Your Gut Happy
One of the important aspects of coaching for weight loss is to take care of your gut. Your gut is the pathway to good health and hence you should ensure to keep it healthy and happy.
Give it the nutrition it needs to produce good bacteria that further translates to good overall health. The superfoods that you can consume for your gut health include green leafy vegetables, apples, ginger, greek yoghurt, oats, etc.

This Valentine’s give yourself the gift of good health through FitnFab’s diet plan for weight loss that helps you break up with poor health and builds a bond with what your body craves for, nutrition and well-being.